With funding from British Council,  Fashion Revolution Kenya embarked on a research project that explores how natural fibres are currently being produced and the viability of alternative fibres and fabrics. We went around the country and here are some of the stories we captured.

Pendeza Weavers is a social enterprise based in Kisumu. It was founded in 1980 by William Okello. They weave cotton, silk, wool and other natural fibres which are sold both locally and for export. They also train spinning and weaving to disadvantaged communities. .
There is an abundance of hyacinth in the region but it is difficult to harvest water hyacinth due to the prevalence of hippos and crocodiles.

Pendeza have invested in alternative fibres. “We experiment with different fibres such as the ​Calotropis Procera plant from Ukambani. It has a short staple-like make up with a texture that resembles a combination of cotton and 
silk.” says William. .

The full report will be available in July 2020.